What to Wear When Deer Hunting

2024/04/07 16:06

The five continents have different natural environments and geographical landforms, breeding a wealth of species, for the world's hunting enthusiasts to bring a variety of harvest fun. As a very important one, deer hunting is very common all over the world and involves a large number of people. As a professional hunting clothing manufacturer, Bowins provides professional hunting clothing for deer enthusiasts through in-depth exploration and understanding of deer hunting activities in different regions. Let's offer some practical suggestions for deer hunting clothes

If you're new to deer hunting, there's a lot to know, plan, and prepare for before you go out into the woods for the first time. Successful hunting means knowing your prey, including their habits and physical characteristics. Everything you bring into the woods - your scent, your gear, even your clothes - can mean the difference between making it or missing out on the prize


The eyes of a deer are different from those of a man. Every animal has its own physiology. Deer have fewer cones in their eyes than humans do, making it impossible for them to perceive color and light the way we do. Their eyes also lack UV filtering, so they are easily affected by bright light. Their vision is good in low light conditions, such as early in the morning and before sunset.

Deer can't see bright oranges, greens, and reds, which is one reason why bright orange safety vests can be worn when hunting deer. The yellow and blue spectrum is easiest for deer to see, especially shades of blue.

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The idea behind camouflage is that if used properly, it can help hunters blend in better with their environment, breaking up their silhouette and appearing more natural in the wild.

While useful in many situations, camouflage clothing and gear are not always necessary for a hunting trip. This depends on several factors, such as where you are hunting and how close you must be to the animal to make an ethical shot.

Hunting with a bow means you have to be within 40 yards or less when standing in the open treetops or on the ground, so more camouflage is needed to stay as invisible as possible. Camouflage is less important when you're hunting in hidden bushes or blind spots with a rifle, because you can shoot 100 yards or more from your position. This reduces the deer's ability to see you.


Deer have oblong-shaped, horizontal pupils, which allow them to see their surroundings well. No matter what you're wearing or how far away you are from your goal, limiting your activities is the most important thing you can do to stay under the radar. After all, even the best camouflage won't work if you're constantly fidgeting or making too much noise and scaring off your prey.


Consider the following when choosing camouflage deer hunting clothing and accessories:

Environment: Typically, your camo should match the terrain you're hunting. Realistic style camo is known as imitative style and is a good investment if you plan to hunt in similar terrain but are not suitable for a multi-purpose hunting environment. Micro and macro decomposition of camo patterns is slightly different from imitation camo, focusing more on blurring the contours of the hunter. Some extreme types of camouflage may be part of a larger stationary environment camouflage, such as boulders or piles of shrubs.

Season: Many camo suits have seasonal additions that can further match your environment, such as softer fall tones or light snow colors for winter hikes.

Color: Stick to neutral-colored and earth-tone camouflage clothing and avoid colors not designed for hunting, like blue patterns and denim.

What should you wear when hunting deer?

Every part of your hunting trip should affect the clothing you wear, including the terrain you're hunting in, the amount of shade covered, the temperature and weather conditions, and the season.

Here’s what to wear to go deer hunting:

Wide layers: Fall and winter hunting requires multiple wide layers that form a warm pocket of air between clothing and skin. The inner or base layer should be as close to the skin as thermal underwear and moisture-wicking clothing. The coat should be waterproof and thicker than your underwear. You might also consider wearing a mid-layer, such as a light jacket, tank top, or hooded sweatshirt, depending on how cold it is. The color of the coat should be camouflage or neutral, not blue, and the inner layer is irrelevant.

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Visibility gear: Depending on the hunting season and region, hunting regulations require the wearing of a hunter's orange hat and/or vest. These highly visible accessories are usually bright orange and make it easier for other hunters to see you in the woods, even if you're wearing camouflage. Some animals, such as certain birds, may be able to detect these bright colors, but deer cannot. Consult your state's gaming regulations to learn more about the rules in your area.

Comfortable boots: Buy a pair of boots that are durable, comfortable, warm, waterproof, and have good traction. Your boots should be a similar neutral color to your clothing, and you should always wear outdoor hiking socks to protect your skin from scrapes and cold temperatures. Merino wool socks are a great choice for many mixed fiber options.

Unscented body products: Using abnormal scents is a common mistake by inexperienced hunters. Animals can smell from miles away and they know when something doesn't belong here. An animal on alert is harder to target and could jeopardize your entire hunting trip. Use fragrance-free deodorants and soaps before going out, and avoid body sprays or colognes. Consider using a specialized hunting spray to further neutralize your scent.

Warm accessories: Bring weather-appropriate accessories, such as gloves, hand warmers, hats, masks, and ear warmers, in colors similar to neutral, camouflage, or earth colors.

Because deer are visible in the ultraviolet spectrum, do not use laundry detergents and additives that contain ultraviolet brighteners.

I believe that this article will have some reference significance for your deer hunting activities and help you harvest a rich hunting experience again and again. Bowins will continue to deepen the research on the details of deer hunting clothing, and make continuous efforts to create more comfortable, beautiful and high-quality deer hunting clothes

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